Are you excited to show off some new tricks you’ve been practicing recently? Purchase your new board from The Collective Skate Shop. Our store in Brantford, ON is a skater’s haven. We carry a variety of skateboards that are suited for all ages and all skill levels.


We carry both pro and blank decks to suit the varying needs and preferences of our customers. Our bestselling brands include Baker, Anti-Hero, Primitive, and Zero.

We have a full range of accessories that you need for your skateboarding activities. This includes trucks, wheels, bearings, and other hardware.

Specialized Boards
The Collective Skate Shop also has other types of boards. We have skateboards for children, as well as the classic banana boards, commonly known as penny boards. In addition, we have long boards from Landyachtz and Sector 9.


Our owner regularly hosts skateboard tournaments to promote excellence and sportsmanship. Most of these competitions are held within the community.

Repair and Maintenance
Let us help keep your skateboard in tiptop shape at all times. Whether you need to change the bearings, replace the wheels, or fix the axels, we can service your skateboard.

Visit us in Brantford, ON or give us a call at 519-758-9656 for a selection of first-rate
skateboards and accessories.